2014 is a new year for me….


Yes, of course, it is a new year for you too! Wish you the bestest, happiest year, ever. 🙂

But, it is a ‘new year’ for me, because it is a year that has inspired me to change my life. Not that it doesn’t change enough already, all the time, any time! … but, this year has inspired me to change my life exactly the way i want it. It is the first time that i have made a list of new year resolutions!

So, here are my little notes to self, for 2014:

  1. Get less angry with my family members. (yes, even when they haven’t resolved to tick me off less often!)
  2. Dare. More than i do currently. To do, say and believe whatever I like.
  3. Maintain a blog. (I started one, I started one!)
  4. Act. Not just think, plan, conspire, ideate…
  5. Get inspired to be happy. Each day. Every day.
  6. Make 2014 the best year of my life, so far! (the start seems kick-the-tiny-ass already!)

Every year-end, we look back at the all the things that happened that year, to see how the year treated us. I wish to look back at 2014 to see how I treated it, for a change! Power to me 😉

Ending with a note by Mr. Coelho, my favourite go-to person when i want to set off my mind to wander and wonder…

“I will keep smiling, because it pleases me to know that people think I am mad.
My smile is my way of saying: ‘You can destroy my body, but not my soul.” http://paulocoelhoblog.com/2012/12/31/2013-the-first-year-of-the-rest-of-my-life/


What do you think?

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