Little drops of joy…


It was my kid sister’s birthday. She was turning an age where, everything around is either just perfect or just not right at all! She was turning 16.

As an elder sister, who she admired and looked up to (oh, the joys of being admired by little sisters…you gotta give your best to maintain that cool air around you!) I was really nervous about finding the right gift for her. Especially ‘coz I had only a few minutes to think of a gift, buy it and show my face at her party.

Just then it struck me. She loves nail paints. So, I got a big pack, filled it with nail paints of all shades, brands and sizes. Let her paint away to glory, I say! Who knows, she may make a kick-ass career out of decorating nails for people…she surely did it for me!

She was thrilled. I was glad.

Years later she tells me that she wasnt really so much into nail paints  at the time. But my gift kindled that quirky need to paint a new color every day. Yes. Every day. (More than the time, I wondered how she had the willingness to…) She told me, because i had ‘put so much thought’ into what would make her happy, she was determined to be happy. And she genuinely was.

That made me think. Was she the elder sister, or I? Never mind…

The whole thing came back to me when my very dear friend gifted me a never-ending supply of Gems this Christmas. Yes, those lovely, tiny buttons of joy. The little here-now-melted-the-next-moment sweeties.

I must admit. Every time people give me Gems, knowing my love for the little sweets, I am ‘compelled’ to like them more. Just like  my kid sister. But this time its different. The joy is genuine. Especially ‘coz they JUST DO NOT GET OVER! 😀

Gems! :D



I think my kid sis likes boys now…Wonder how do I gift her a pack full of those yummy ones! 😛



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