What dreams are made of…


Thoughts? Feelings? Achievements? Riches? Experiences?

What makes dreams?

For me, dreams are made of inspiration. They are made of the desire to possess something that makes others respect, admire and envy you so much, that they get inspired by you.

Like this amazingly talented young friend of mine. Check out her very first, live, sitar performance on one of the most revered stages of the city… in the midst of talent that has been at the art, practicing their skills, for years.

I am not much into classical music (you can officially slot me in the ‘music-deaf’ category). So, there is no way on earth I would have gone through the 10 minute ordeal. When she shared the link, I was planning to be the good friend that I am, and not watch it. I would compliment her the next time I met her, saying how her performance was ‘mesmerizing, to say the least…’

But I watched the entire video. It was that good!

I ended up respecting, admiring and envying her…and getting inspired. To get lost. In what makes you happy. In what will, in turn, make others happy too.

Anshika, you make it to my very personal “Real-life Heroes” list. I wish you courage. I wish you more and more dreams. Go girl!

PS: She is the tiny happiness in the center. 🙂 She has started learning the instrument only six months back. Now you know why its such a big deal!

PS 2!: I love the way all the performers are having a great time playing. See them winking and smiling at each other, sharing secrets we would never know?


This post is first in the series of my very personal ‘Real-life Heroes’ list. Watch this space for more, well… ‘real-life inspiration’ 😉


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