Tidbits from my favourite inspirer


It was rather late in life that I stumbled upon his wonderful thoughts.

But since the time I read Paulo Coelho’s first book, he has been my very favourite go-to person. To get inspired from. To lift my mood. To wonder. And wander. To feel alive.

And thanks to social media, I have been able to enjoy more and more of his thoughts.

The one thing in his words, that strikes a chord with me, always, is simplicity. Simple words. Simple ideas to live by.

Here are a few I have saved over a period. I call them the “Dream” series. Hope you enjoy reading them. Though they all essentially give out the same message, I take the 5th one as my life’s mantra. And the balloon image gives a very happy feeling too, no?



993012_10152180396161211_57029979_n 1653856_10152180383756211_1422666006_n


One min reading on how dreams make life worth it.


A little something to pin-up on your life board:



What do you think?

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