Shades of Love – II


The entire week was pathetic. Work work work. No play. No fun. She was bogged down with so much work. And her colleagues were not helping either. Going on vacations. Burdening her with extra work. Leaving her with no time for self.

Not like she was complaining. Not like she had a hubby waiting for her at home. Or a boyfriend demanding her time. And she was in the best spot as far as her career was concerned. She wasn’t asking for more. Really.

She was just asking for a little bit. She was just asking for the so-called ‘love of her life’ to make an appearance in her life. At least sometime this year. Sooner the better. Just let her know that, it’s him she is waiting for. She would take it from there. And make him arrive faster.

But as the love gods would have it. No such sign. No such man. Such was life. Sometimes, she wished her life was a movie. A rom-com at that. At least the love would make an appearance within 2 hours. And the men were almost always gorgeous. Sumptuous. Delish….

“Hey girl. What plans for the day?” asked her just-out-of-the-college colleague. She gave the young one a dark expression that said ‘don’t mess with me, if you want to keep your job’. The young butterfly got the message and went on digging up Internet archives for story ideas to please the boss.

Wasn’t she tired already? Of waiting? For the ‘man of her life’. Her girl gang, her ‘best friends for ever’ had spent the past few days cheering her up about the never-ending wait. What was the hurry, they said. You are still so young. Enjoy life, free as a bird. Ya right, she felt like arguing. Let’s swap roles, shall we?

But she did not have time to sulk. Remember, she was bogged down by work? Not like the Godzilla of a boss was gonna feel bad for her and give her the day off, to go enjoy, or maybe sulk herself drunk, since it was Valentine’s Day. The boss couldn’t care less. And so could she.

“Ma’am there is a parcel for you. Please collect it from the reception” said the young lad who doubled up as security and tele-operator at her office. “What. What is it? Are they flowe…what is it?”. “Donuts, I think. Should I open it?” “Noooo. Wait, I’m coming.”

She rushed to the reception. And the card on the box did not make her smile. Instead, it made her heart swell. Who needs a man to make you feel happy and loved on Valentine’s? When you have soul sisters who think of you all the time. And love you. And send you heart-shaped donuts to cheer you up. And to let you know that you are special. And loved, always.

She could not wait to see the excitement transfer to the young-butterfly colleague of hers. Donuts will definitely beam her up, she thought. Love comes in all shapes and sizes. And packages too. And it is the best when it is shared. Yes, she would share the joy. And spread the love. While she happily waited for the man of her life to make an appearance. A hurried one at that.


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