The Importance of Being Lazy


Last week I did something that shocked my family and a few really close friends.

I took a week off – from both, professional and household work. Just.Like.That. I decided to take a break. With just one agenda – Do absolutely nothing! Not to travel. Not to learn something new. Not to finish errands. But, to do NOTHING.

They were surprised (‘shocked’, really now, was an overstatement 🙂 ) because I am the kind of person who does not believe in breaks. I am someone who feels obliged to do SOMETHING every moment of life. I think it comes from my paranoia that every moment I do not do something, is a moment wasted. I call it paranoia, coz it really is an unhealthy obsession at times.

So, how did I, the great time-paranoid, think of such an awesome idea?

Am not sure, really. Maybe the mounting life-stress got to me. Or maybe I just realized the importance of slowing down a little. Or maybe the self-help positive messages that the social media bombards at us these days made me stop and think.

However, whatever may have triggered it, the more important question here is did I succeed in this task (Oh god, I think of doing nothing as a task too. I need help!) At the end of the week, I Googled ‘The importance of being lazy’ just to get an idea of what people do, to do nothing. And I found that I was indeed, quite unsuccessful in this very-difficult task. No, I hadn’t just strolled or wandered around the garden or the streets of my city. I hadn’t sat by the window staring into nothingness or the ever-pouring rain. I hadn’t laid on the bed, doing nothing in particular. No, I hadn’t done any of these blissful nothings.

But, the best part is, I didn’t do anything of significance either. So, when one of my friends asked “how was my break week, what did i do?” and I instantly replied “nothing really”, it was one of the life-altering moments for me. I had succeeded, even though just a little bit, in ‘wasting’ my week, by not fretting over things to do.

And I am proud. And I look forward to more of these far and between breaks. They will slowly teach me the importance  of being lazy. Cheers to the lazy in me 🙂


Here’s some food for thought, on this amazing concept of laziness.

“O Laziness, mother of the arts and noble virtues, be thou the balm of human anguish.” ~ Paul Lafargue, The Right to be Lazy