Shades of Love – VI


She loved train journeys. Even when they took almost half her day. She cherished that time to listen to music or catch up with friends or simply go down the memory lane and day dream. Day dream, by the way, was her favourite thing to do.

And today she was especially looking forward to her solitary travel time. It was Valentine ’s Day. A day she lived for. Well, not really. But she lived for the idea of romance. And the fairy tale that it was. And it was her 5th Valentine with the love of her life, but only the first one she was actually going to celebrate with him. This train travel was dedicated to the memories she had made with him, right from the day she met him to the day he proposed and to their wedding day. It was going to be a lovely stroll down the memory lane, indeed.

Her day in office was spent in a blur. Her focus was the evening planned with her hubby – a quiet dinner, just him and her. Holding hands and talking about nothing in particular, while the world went by. Oh, how she had craved for this beautiful day with him. Now, only if the clock would do its work and move ahead – it was somehow ridiculously slow today!

Her cell phone beeped. Right she was. Hubby it was! She opened the message with hearts in eyes (yes, she was like that. She was the hearts-in-your-eyes kind of romantic). Only to be disappointed with her fate. “Guddu. Have bad stomach ache. I think I should head home. Let’s celebrate over the weekend.”

Pop! She actually heard her heart bubble burst. She packed her bag and left for the day. Back in the train. “Girls! Can you believe it? He has stomach ache and our date is off. L” She messaged her dearer-than-sisters girl gang. “Aww… no worries girl. Celebrate tomorrow. The weekend is yours.” came the reply. “Ya. Sure. Just disappointed. See ya”.

Maybe I should get a cake at least. We will eat at home, if we can’t go out. “He has stomach problems, if you didn’t get it, dodo” she realised. Another pop.

But she was little miss sunshine right? Her friends called her that for a reason. And her hubby was waiting for her, right? So, pushing the disappointment away, she opened the door to her house with a smile on her face. And the smile stuck there. For a good 15 minutes.

Her house was dark. Only candles lit it up. There were a hundred heart-shaped red balloons dancing on the floor. The dining table was full of even more red balloons, surrounding a heart-shaped, yummy looking cake and a card that said “I love you’. Soft music playing. And hubby smiling, arms open for her to fit there. She realised that her fake smile was still pasted on her face. But it was fake no more. She was radiant and she was smiling. Non-stop.

Her hubby stood wondering. Is the room lit up by the candles or the glow on his wife’s face? His smile widened. “Hi honey. Happy Valentine’s day!”

Love indeed, was a fairy-tale. You just have to wait for it.