When Gujaratis get creative!


I always knew it. And since I knew it, my surprise at experiencing it, was a little surprising!

I always knew that Gujaratis believed food to be the ultimate goal of life. The community was sorted like that. No complicated in-search-of-the-soul, attaining-nirvana-moments, for them. Food did it, so why go further? Just experiment with your food, make a new delicacy every day, and you are sorted for life!

I am a Gujarati. As a kid, I used to travel to my hometown in Gujarat every summer holidays, relishing the food and slumber that was so characteristic of summer holidays for Mumbai kids, while an everyday affair for the people of Gujarat. In fact, just last year, me and my cousins had taken an unplanned detour to our hometown, just to get a bite of the food we so relished in our childhood.

But this trip was different. Totally. I was bowled over by the level of creativity with food…

Here’s a peek at a few innovative delicacies I managed to capture:

Saffronic alochol!

Kesar (saffron) 5000! High-five!


Bhaji cone

Hot ice cream, any one? Hot veggies on an ice-cream cone 🙂


Are you nuts?

Soda and peanuts!


Spoilt for choice

Jeera, garlic, mint, hajma, lemon, date, regular… Spoilt for choice!


Desi burger!

Cut to perfection, am I?


No wonder Amitabh Bacchhan endorses Gujarat! Wonder what he got as payment for his endorsement…

For me, send me a month’s supply of the above, please 🙂