Green Ganesha is Back!


“Save your litter for the garbage bin dude…”

“Wasting food should be a criminal offence, really!”

“Turn off the tap Sharda bai…

My family, friends and oftentimes, even strangers have been subject to such requests and orders from me for almost forever now. Though family and a few friends have learnt to put up with my requests (rather exasperatedly) over the years, and have even painfully changed their behaviour to align with the ‘green me’, a few strangers have reacted in ways that make for interesting stories to narrate to my grand kids and their kids! (Once, when I asked a lady in the train to not throw her plastic food-wrapper out of the train after finishing her snack, she gobbled her snack and threw the plastic wrapper outside with such alarming speed, I didn’t even have time to so much as blink!)

The other day, while reading about the alarming statistics of non-recyclable waste dumped in water bodies, I was reminded of the ‘Green Ganesha’ campaign that few of us just-out-of-college passionate-to-make-a-difference kids had initiated a few years back. (Click here to read about our very passionate campaign, and here to see the Gyaan Connect video.) Not surprisingly, the message we passed almost five years back seemed very relevant to me even today.

So, with the Ganesha festival right around the corner, I would like to share a few posters we made. You will find a few of these posters on the link I pasted above, while I have pasted one below. I share this with a humble request that you enjoy time with your favourite God with a little more compassion this time 🙂

 green ganesha

 And remember what Margaret Mead once said. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”