The Importance of Being Lazy


Last week I did something that shocked my family and a few really close friends.

I took a week off – from both, professional and household work. Just.Like.That. I decided to take a break. With just one agenda – Do absolutely nothing! Not to travel. Not to learn something new. Not to finish errands. But, to do NOTHING.

They were surprised (‘shocked’, really now, was an overstatement 🙂 ) because I am the kind of person who does not believe in breaks. I am someone who feels obliged to do SOMETHING every moment of life. I think it comes from my paranoia that every moment I do not do something, is a moment wasted. I call it paranoia, coz it really is an unhealthy obsession at times.

So, how did I, the great time-paranoid, think of such an awesome idea?

Am not sure, really. Maybe the mounting life-stress got to me. Or maybe I just realized the importance of slowing down a little. Or maybe the self-help positive messages that the social media bombards at us these days made me stop and think.

However, whatever may have triggered it, the more important question here is did I succeed in this task (Oh god, I think of doing nothing as a task too. I need help!) At the end of the week, I Googled ‘The importance of being lazy’ just to get an idea of what people do, to do nothing. And I found that I was indeed, quite unsuccessful in this very-difficult task. No, I hadn’t just strolled or wandered around the garden or the streets of my city. I hadn’t sat by the window staring into nothingness or the ever-pouring rain. I hadn’t laid on the bed, doing nothing in particular. No, I hadn’t done any of these blissful nothings.

But, the best part is, I didn’t do anything of significance either. So, when one of my friends asked “how was my break week, what did i do?” and I instantly replied “nothing really”, it was one of the life-altering moments for me. I had succeeded, even though just a little bit, in ‘wasting’ my week, by not fretting over things to do.

And I am proud. And I look forward to more of these far and between breaks. They will slowly teach me the importance  of being lazy. Cheers to the lazy in me 🙂


Here’s some food for thought, on this amazing concept of laziness.

“O Laziness, mother of the arts and noble virtues, be thou the balm of human anguish.” ~ Paul Lafargue, The Right to be Lazy


When Gujaratis get creative!


I always knew it. And since I knew it, my surprise at experiencing it, was a little surprising!

I always knew that Gujaratis believed food to be the ultimate goal of life. The community was sorted like that. No complicated in-search-of-the-soul, attaining-nirvana-moments, for them. Food did it, so why go further? Just experiment with your food, make a new delicacy every day, and you are sorted for life!

I am a Gujarati. As a kid, I used to travel to my hometown in Gujarat every summer holidays, relishing the food and slumber that was so characteristic of summer holidays for Mumbai kids, while an everyday affair for the people of Gujarat. In fact, just last year, me and my cousins had taken an unplanned detour to our hometown, just to get a bite of the food we so relished in our childhood.

But this trip was different. Totally. I was bowled over by the level of creativity with food…

Here’s a peek at a few innovative delicacies I managed to capture:

Saffronic alochol!

Kesar (saffron) 5000! High-five!


Bhaji cone

Hot ice cream, any one? Hot veggies on an ice-cream cone 🙂


Are you nuts?

Soda and peanuts!


Spoilt for choice

Jeera, garlic, mint, hajma, lemon, date, regular… Spoilt for choice!


Desi burger!

Cut to perfection, am I?


No wonder Amitabh Bacchhan endorses Gujarat! Wonder what he got as payment for his endorsement…

For me, send me a month’s supply of the above, please 🙂

Tidbits from my favourite inspirer


It was rather late in life that I stumbled upon his wonderful thoughts.

But since the time I read Paulo Coelho’s first book, he has been my very favourite go-to person. To get inspired from. To lift my mood. To wonder. And wander. To feel alive.

And thanks to social media, I have been able to enjoy more and more of his thoughts.

The one thing in his words, that strikes a chord with me, always, is simplicity. Simple words. Simple ideas to live by.

Here are a few I have saved over a period. I call them the “Dream” series. Hope you enjoy reading them. Though they all essentially give out the same message, I take the 5th one as my life’s mantra. And the balloon image gives a very happy feeling too, no?



993012_10152180396161211_57029979_n 1653856_10152180383756211_1422666006_n


One min reading on how dreams make life worth it.

A little something to pin-up on your life board:


What it’s gonna be….


Inspire. Its one of my favourite words.

Like, how people love words that have a nice ring to it. It is one such word for me. I love to hear it!

Like, how many people love words that have a special meaning for them. For me, it defines how i live.

Like, how some people just love to repeat a few words in every day talk. I repeat the idea of ‘inspiration’… in my every day life.

So, ‘inspire’ is what this blog is going to be all about. It is going to be a place where i share what makes me happy, and would possibly bring a smile on other’s faces too! It could be a good quote, a random thought, an experience that has made an impression, photos that I click and think are awesome (there are usually not many of them 😉 ), or just about anything!

And yes, thank you Yashesh, Anshika and GB, for pushing me to write. I promise, i will write to inspire 😉 Happy reading, all!


“When you are living the best version of yourself, you inspire others to live the best versions of themselves.”
― Steve Maraboli