Shades of Love – IV


“Whoever gets the next card will get proposed on Valentine’s Day.”

And, to her utter dismay, it was her hubby dearest who got that card. She knew it was just a game. But she also knew that the predictions of the card game had an uncanny way of coming true. Sometimes.

The game got over and she instantly forgot about it.


It was the Valentine’s Day morning. Like always, she had not thought of anything great to gift to her husband. Yet. Nor had she thought of any cute, special gestures. Yet. Things always struck her at the last moment. If they ever struck her at all.

Seeing her hubby sleep next to her, she wondered if life could get any better. Of course it could. But she realised she was happy with how life currently was. At least at the moment. The peace and the presence of him next to her was still an alien, yet an amazing experience for her.  So what could she do in the one minute she had before setting off to the day’s chores that would make him feel special. And loved. Where were her last-minute-awesome-ideas when she needed them the most!

His phone beeped right then, and she got her super idea. She spent a couple of minutes on his phone, gave him a quick kiss, and set off to tick off her morning tasks.

The day passed by. And all the plans for the Valentine’s Day celebration flopped. Post dinner, they were content to pass time at home, together, doing nothing at all. Just then she remembered. Her hubby was going to get proposed today. The cards had predicted. Her heart beat a tad bit faster now.

“So you didn’t get me any gift today. Did you eat the  the Fruit n Nut I gave you?”

“I am taking you shopping tomorrow.”

“Hmm. Nope, I don’t need anything. So did you get proposed today?”

A playful smile spread on his face. “Yes, actually I did…” Three years back, he had proposed her on the very same day. And now, someone else had come in between…

A skipped heart beat. “What? Who is she!”

“Someone I have come to love. A lot.”

Double skipped beat. “Hmm. Naice ha. How did she propose?”

“She set an alarm on my phone, which said that she was crazy about me. I was waiting to tell her that I am crazy about her right back…”

And she remembered the alarm she had put for him in the morning. Several alarms in fact. At an interval of one hour each. Professing her love for him. Her Valentine for three years running was sweet after all.


Shades of Love – I


She didn’t believe in celebrating love on just one particular day. Love is an every day celebration, isn’t it? What was Valentine’s Day anyway? A mere marketing gimmick that never went out of fashion! Maybe. Screw Valentine’s (and any other saint who wanted to celebrate love)’s day, right?

Oh, who was she kiddin’? She loved the concept of celebrating love. Every day, yes. But on the day that signifies ‘love eternal’, definitely yes! She wrote love stories for a living, for Christ’s sake.

But it seemed like that her amalgamation-of-all-yummy-badass-heroes-in-one of a boyfriend did not think so. Coz he had work to do. She wondered if the boy was busy writing copy inside his mother’s womb too. Or maybe he was busy arming himself with the world’s worst original PJs ever, while his mother struggled to keep him healthy and safe inside. How else can a person be so dedicated to ‘work’, and not celebrate Valentine’s evening with his girlfriend, especially when it fell on a Friday. Friday!!

“Hi honeybunch…any chance that you changed your mind and we meet today?” she chirped on the call (that he finally answered).

“Busy. Call you later.” Brad Pitt hung up. (Not really him. But she thought that he behaved like he was him. Uggh, chuck the confusion, will ya?)

Fine. Who wants to celebrate stupid valentine’s anyway.


It was Saturday. And it rained! In February. God’s are definitely getting funnier by the day. Or maybe it was the Love Goddess who finally showed her wrath at the God who was too busy saving the world on Valentine ’s Day. (Girl, get back on earth. You are not a goddess. Remember that.)

Whatever. But the day began superb. And the BP BF (Brad Pitt boyfriend, in case you did not get it) was meeting today. “Girl. It’s ‘whatever you wanna do day’ today.” So she was chirpy. (Sighs. And it had rained too!)

She had a kickass plan. Cook. Eat. Chirp. Eat some more. Romance. Chirp. Go home.

So, she put on her ready-to-kill look, heels clicking high, and went to his place to cook his most favourite dish in the world. Maggi. Cooked by her, for him. And they played his favourite music, while she chirped on, on her favourite topic (the latest romance book she was writing). He relished the food and the company. She enjoyed the happiness of his presence. He enjoyed cracking the worst jokes ever. She went on and on about Krivi and his pursuit of love (Krivi was the hero of her latest book, just so you know).And she realised. Love was indeed eternal. To be celebrated every day. Not just one day. Yet, she had the best Valentine ’s Day ever (or day-after, technically. But who is reviewing here…).

Love is like that sometimes. You have to wait for it. And when you get it, it silently blows your mind away. Points to be added to the diary, miss romance writer. Point to be noted.