Shades of Love – VI


She loved train journeys. Even when they took almost half her day. She cherished that time to listen to music or catch up with friends or simply go down the memory lane and day dream. Day dream, by the way, was her favourite thing to do.

And today she was especially looking forward to her solitary travel time. It was Valentine ’s Day. A day she lived for. Well, not really. But she lived for the idea of romance. And the fairy tale that it was. And it was her 5th Valentine with the love of her life, but only the first one she was actually going to celebrate with him. This train travel was dedicated to the memories she had made with him, right from the day she met him to the day he proposed and to their wedding day. It was going to be a lovely stroll down the memory lane, indeed.

Her day in office was spent in a blur. Her focus was the evening planned with her hubby – a quiet dinner, just him and her. Holding hands and talking about nothing in particular, while the world went by. Oh, how she had craved for this beautiful day with him. Now, only if the clock would do its work and move ahead – it was somehow ridiculously slow today!

Her cell phone beeped. Right she was. Hubby it was! She opened the message with hearts in eyes (yes, she was like that. She was the hearts-in-your-eyes kind of romantic). Only to be disappointed with her fate. “Guddu. Have bad stomach ache. I think I should head home. Let’s celebrate over the weekend.”

Pop! She actually heard her heart bubble burst. She packed her bag and left for the day. Back in the train. “Girls! Can you believe it? He has stomach ache and our date is off. L” She messaged her dearer-than-sisters girl gang. “Aww… no worries girl. Celebrate tomorrow. The weekend is yours.” came the reply. “Ya. Sure. Just disappointed. See ya”.

Maybe I should get a cake at least. We will eat at home, if we can’t go out. “He has stomach problems, if you didn’t get it, dodo” she realised. Another pop.

But she was little miss sunshine right? Her friends called her that for a reason. And her hubby was waiting for her, right? So, pushing the disappointment away, she opened the door to her house with a smile on her face. And the smile stuck there. For a good 15 minutes.

Her house was dark. Only candles lit it up. There were a hundred heart-shaped red balloons dancing on the floor. The dining table was full of even more red balloons, surrounding a heart-shaped, yummy looking cake and a card that said “I love you’. Soft music playing. And hubby smiling, arms open for her to fit there. She realised that her fake smile was still pasted on her face. But it was fake no more. She was radiant and she was smiling. Non-stop.

Her hubby stood wondering. Is the room lit up by the candles or the glow on his wife’s face? His smile widened. “Hi honey. Happy Valentine’s day!”

Love indeed, was a fairy-tale. You just have to wait for it.


Shades of Love – V


He just did not get it, did he? Gawd, how did I spend three whole years of my life with him, she wondered. Irritating as hell, addicted to work, and dedicated to make her life hell. This is how she summed up her husband. On good days. On bad days (like the current PMS phase), she felt like murdering him. Or take an easier step and just divorce him.

But he just wouldn’t go. She wondered what would finally make him go. She believed she would some day drive him so crazy that he would have no choice but to leave. Yes, he was irritating. But it was mostly her who was responsible for the crazed life they shared. After all, she was the one with tantrum issues.

Thank god for him.

Like it happened at least once every month, they had had a good round of arguments at the start of the week itself. And this time, the ‘I am not talking to you’ phase had carried on through the week. She was pissed with him. But she was used to it. So, life was good.

They had a plan with their couple friends with whom they hung out quite a lot. What better day to enjoy ice-cream than on a cool Valentine’s Day evening. Two couples. Ice-cream. Happiness. With one couple ignoring each other. Perfect.

But, the ice-cream was never meant to be. It was meant to melt away, lonely, uneaten. Ok, to cut the crap, like always, the plan got chucked. This time coz she went off to sleep at the dinner table itself. Tired. And a bit pissed still. Poor hubby never thought Valentine’s Day could be so sad indeed.

The next morning was one of the best ones of her life. She woke up late. Groggy and hungry as she was, the smell of deliciously prepared fish curry hit her senses and jolted her to reality. Her hubby was cooking lunch for her. She tiptoed into the living room, to find a DVD of her favourite Bollywood romantic movie gift-wrapped for her. Mister hubby had been busy all right. Still continuing the ‘I am pissed’ drama, she went for a shower, only to find a cute little top, bundled for her. WOW. Is a person not allowed to stay mad with this man for even a week!

She rushed to the kitchen. “Stop being so awesome ok. And I love the gifts.” “I know. Come, taste the fish and tell me how it is.” “You are only fishing for compliments, aren’t you…” He was never going anywhere…

Kiss kiss

Shades of Love – IV


“Whoever gets the next card will get proposed on Valentine’s Day.”

And, to her utter dismay, it was her hubby dearest who got that card. She knew it was just a game. But she also knew that the predictions of the card game had an uncanny way of coming true. Sometimes.

The game got over and she instantly forgot about it.


It was the Valentine’s Day morning. Like always, she had not thought of anything great to gift to her husband. Yet. Nor had she thought of any cute, special gestures. Yet. Things always struck her at the last moment. If they ever struck her at all.

Seeing her hubby sleep next to her, she wondered if life could get any better. Of course it could. But she realised she was happy with how life currently was. At least at the moment. The peace and the presence of him next to her was still an alien, yet an amazing experience for her.  So what could she do in the one minute she had before setting off to the day’s chores that would make him feel special. And loved. Where were her last-minute-awesome-ideas when she needed them the most!

His phone beeped right then, and she got her super idea. She spent a couple of minutes on his phone, gave him a quick kiss, and set off to tick off her morning tasks.

The day passed by. And all the plans for the Valentine’s Day celebration flopped. Post dinner, they were content to pass time at home, together, doing nothing at all. Just then she remembered. Her hubby was going to get proposed today. The cards had predicted. Her heart beat a tad bit faster now.

“So you didn’t get me any gift today. Did you eat the  the Fruit n Nut I gave you?”

“I am taking you shopping tomorrow.”

“Hmm. Nope, I don’t need anything. So did you get proposed today?”

A playful smile spread on his face. “Yes, actually I did…” Three years back, he had proposed her on the very same day. And now, someone else had come in between…

A skipped heart beat. “What? Who is she!”

“Someone I have come to love. A lot.”

Double skipped beat. “Hmm. Naice ha. How did she propose?”

“She set an alarm on my phone, which said that she was crazy about me. I was waiting to tell her that I am crazy about her right back…”

And she remembered the alarm she had put for him in the morning. Several alarms in fact. At an interval of one hour each. Professing her love for him. Her Valentine for three years running was sweet after all.

Shades of Love – III


The kid was a terror. And a bundle of joy. She just did not know what to do with him. So full of energy, like most kids. And so much more naughtier, unlike most kids. The naughtiness was definitely a genetic gift by his father, she thought.  No wonder.

Her days passed by so quickly, she hardly had time to sit and take a few breaths in peace. Cook. Look after the kiddo. Ensure he doesn’t get hurt yet again. Teach him stuff. Take care of the house. Help hubby with the office work. Life was busy.

But today was a special day. Though they had been married for six years now, Valentine’s Day was still a special day for her. Buying expensive gifts and going out for dream vacations was not her thing. She believed in showing her love in creative ways. Slipping a love note in a shirt pocket. Hiding a rose in the office bag. Teaching the kiddo to say “Daddy, mommy lovvvesss you” in his super cute voice. These little gestures of love that made you pause while living your every day life, and made you feel grateful for a wonderful life, and an even more wonderful wife. Yes. That was her thing.

Wondering what she could do today to show her love for him, she set to prepare his breakfast. And while she was still wondering, she realised that she had shaped the cutlets in a heart shape. Oh yes! That’s what she would do. His breakfast on Valentine’s would be a symbol of her love for him. Heart-shaped cutlets. Heart-shaped papaya. Heart-shaped halwa. And strawberry milkshake with heart-shaped strawberries over it. The hubby was going to have a hearty meal, for sure.

Having set the breakfast table, she waited patiently for the hubby to arrive at the table. Two minutes and he would be rushing to dining room. “Jaan, is my breakfast ready? I am getting late…”

He sat on the table, kiddo on his lap, having fun morning time. She could see the joy in his eyes, playing with his notorious, yet ever-so-lovable kid. Just then he saw the breakfast spread on the table and his eyes lit up, smile spreading wide.

“Happy Valentine’s Day hubby dearest” she said. And wondered – was she seeing hearts in the hubby’s eyes too?

Shades of Love – II


The entire week was pathetic. Work work work. No play. No fun. She was bogged down with so much work. And her colleagues were not helping either. Going on vacations. Burdening her with extra work. Leaving her with no time for self.

Not like she was complaining. Not like she had a hubby waiting for her at home. Or a boyfriend demanding her time. And she was in the best spot as far as her career was concerned. She wasn’t asking for more. Really.

She was just asking for a little bit. She was just asking for the so-called ‘love of her life’ to make an appearance in her life. At least sometime this year. Sooner the better. Just let her know that, it’s him she is waiting for. She would take it from there. And make him arrive faster.

But as the love gods would have it. No such sign. No such man. Such was life. Sometimes, she wished her life was a movie. A rom-com at that. At least the love would make an appearance within 2 hours. And the men were almost always gorgeous. Sumptuous. Delish….

“Hey girl. What plans for the day?” asked her just-out-of-the-college colleague. She gave the young one a dark expression that said ‘don’t mess with me, if you want to keep your job’. The young butterfly got the message and went on digging up Internet archives for story ideas to please the boss.

Wasn’t she tired already? Of waiting? For the ‘man of her life’. Her girl gang, her ‘best friends for ever’ had spent the past few days cheering her up about the never-ending wait. What was the hurry, they said. You are still so young. Enjoy life, free as a bird. Ya right, she felt like arguing. Let’s swap roles, shall we?

But she did not have time to sulk. Remember, she was bogged down by work? Not like the Godzilla of a boss was gonna feel bad for her and give her the day off, to go enjoy, or maybe sulk herself drunk, since it was Valentine’s Day. The boss couldn’t care less. And so could she.

“Ma’am there is a parcel for you. Please collect it from the reception” said the young lad who doubled up as security and tele-operator at her office. “What. What is it? Are they flowe…what is it?”. “Donuts, I think. Should I open it?” “Noooo. Wait, I’m coming.”

She rushed to the reception. And the card on the box did not make her smile. Instead, it made her heart swell. Who needs a man to make you feel happy and loved on Valentine’s? When you have soul sisters who think of you all the time. And love you. And send you heart-shaped donuts to cheer you up. And to let you know that you are special. And loved, always.

She could not wait to see the excitement transfer to the young-butterfly colleague of hers. Donuts will definitely beam her up, she thought. Love comes in all shapes and sizes. And packages too. And it is the best when it is shared. Yes, she would share the joy. And spread the love. While she happily waited for the man of her life to make an appearance. A hurried one at that.

Shades of Love – I


She didn’t believe in celebrating love on just one particular day. Love is an every day celebration, isn’t it? What was Valentine’s Day anyway? A mere marketing gimmick that never went out of fashion! Maybe. Screw Valentine’s (and any other saint who wanted to celebrate love)’s day, right?

Oh, who was she kiddin’? She loved the concept of celebrating love. Every day, yes. But on the day that signifies ‘love eternal’, definitely yes! She wrote love stories for a living, for Christ’s sake.

But it seemed like that her amalgamation-of-all-yummy-badass-heroes-in-one of a boyfriend did not think so. Coz he had work to do. She wondered if the boy was busy writing copy inside his mother’s womb too. Or maybe he was busy arming himself with the world’s worst original PJs ever, while his mother struggled to keep him healthy and safe inside. How else can a person be so dedicated to ‘work’, and not celebrate Valentine’s evening with his girlfriend, especially when it fell on a Friday. Friday!!

“Hi honeybunch…any chance that you changed your mind and we meet today?” she chirped on the call (that he finally answered).

“Busy. Call you later.” Brad Pitt hung up. (Not really him. But she thought that he behaved like he was him. Uggh, chuck the confusion, will ya?)

Fine. Who wants to celebrate stupid valentine’s anyway.


It was Saturday. And it rained! In February. God’s are definitely getting funnier by the day. Or maybe it was the Love Goddess who finally showed her wrath at the God who was too busy saving the world on Valentine ’s Day. (Girl, get back on earth. You are not a goddess. Remember that.)

Whatever. But the day began superb. And the BP BF (Brad Pitt boyfriend, in case you did not get it) was meeting today. “Girl. It’s ‘whatever you wanna do day’ today.” So she was chirpy. (Sighs. And it had rained too!)

She had a kickass plan. Cook. Eat. Chirp. Eat some more. Romance. Chirp. Go home.

So, she put on her ready-to-kill look, heels clicking high, and went to his place to cook his most favourite dish in the world. Maggi. Cooked by her, for him. And they played his favourite music, while she chirped on, on her favourite topic (the latest romance book she was writing). He relished the food and the company. She enjoyed the happiness of his presence. He enjoyed cracking the worst jokes ever. She went on and on about Krivi and his pursuit of love (Krivi was the hero of her latest book, just so you know).And she realised. Love was indeed eternal. To be celebrated every day. Not just one day. Yet, she had the best Valentine ’s Day ever (or day-after, technically. But who is reviewing here…).

Love is like that sometimes. You have to wait for it. And when you get it, it silently blows your mind away. Points to be added to the diary, miss romance writer. Point to be noted.